Skip Horni , W5UTW

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Nickname is Skip.

Old man, new Ham. Got my Tech/General at the end of August and my Extra the middle of October 2016. Was a Radioman in the Navy. My dad was a Ham in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It took me 50 years to get my license and I chose my dad’s old callsign, W5UTW, as my vanity. 

Interested in community service related to Ham radio. I am C.E.R.T trained. Member of the GVARC (Guadaulpe Valley Area Radio Club). Update: As of December, 2016 – A member of the Hill Country REACT group. 

I have a ALINCO 2m/7cm mobile and a borrowed, Kenwood 2m/70cm for a base, and Icom IC-7300. Love this box! And a stand by, always faithful, Yaseu FT 450. 

My borrowed kit came (comes) from my Elmer, Mike, AG5FC. If there is a list for nice guys, he is in the top 10. He has been so incredibly helpful and generous. I would not even be so far along as I am now, without his encouragement and assistance. I didn’t have this information in my original BIO and that it totally my bad. I should have. Thanks, Mike. 

Live in an HOA at the moment and am using a EFHW-8010-K (End Fed Half Wave) 130′ long pre-tuned for multiple bands. I have two flag poles. One in the front, and one in the back. The EFHW is strung across the top of the house. 

Wife and I have two French Brittany (spaniels). Bonded pair. I am retired from the DoD. We travel, mostly in Texas, with our travel trailer. 

Into radio, computers, wood working and photography. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, am a Life member of the VFW. Vietnam vet.  ARRL member. NRA member. 

When I passed the CWOps CWA II class, I got a Begali, by golly, as a “well done to me” gift. Now that I have passed the III class, and been accepted into the CWT Fraternity, I will get to use it in earnest. 

Thank you, everyone, for your hospitality and patience.

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