Ryan Sachs , KI7RS

I would like to thank Serge NS6W for nominating me, and also my former advisors John AC4CA and Quinton NU7Y.

I’m a relative newcomer to the world of ham radio and CW. I was first licensed in June of 2018 as KI7YWE, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with amateur radio. I would never have imagined I’d be learning CW. One of the members of my local club told me to register for the fall CW Academy. I ended up completing both levels one and two in back to back sessions. My first real operating experience was a SOTA summit with NU7Y helping me work my first pile up.

I struggled breaking through the 20 WPM level, so I signed up for the Advanced level class. I’ve found having to attend class twice a week really helps you commit to practicing.

I enjoy tinkering in my garage/shack and CW has opened a whole new area. I have a collection of various paddles, bugs, and keys. I’ve 3D printed quite a few, and I’m currently learning how to use a single lever paddle which started life as a sideswiper.

My current shack is an IC-7300, Xiegu G90, and a KX2 for SOTA work. My keys are a Magnakeyer, Brown Bros combo straight key and paddle, Vibroplex bug, a smattering of cheaper straight keys, and 3D printed paddles. My current antenna is a 40m-20m fan dipole; its height is limited by my HOA. In the future I would like to do more contesting, but my work schedule has me working weekends.

Thanks again for allowing me to join.