Ron Telsch , K3YEO

CWops# 1846, from Lexington , VA , USA.---->View on Google maps

First licensed in 1964 as a novice (WN3BFR), then General Class (WA3BFR), and then Extra Class (AA4BZ). All of those required Morse Code proficiency at the time (5, 13, and 20 wpm). When my brother, Richard, passed away, I petitioned for his call sign, and I have been K3YEO ever since. My brother my Elmer. 

I used home-brew equipment until 2016 when, at the encouragement of my family, I added two factory-made transceivers and antennas. I continue to enjoy the world of Morse Code and am active on the Wednesday CWT’s most weeks. I chase DX, and grid squares, and thoroughly enjoy all the digital modes. 

I retired 7 years ago and spend my time happily with my family and volunteer work. I am my county’s ARES EC, am active in several local nets, and the American Red Cross’ Disaster Services. I am a firefighter and EMT in my local volunteer fire department, and serve in many organizations locally and regionally working on behalf of indigent, incapacitated, and at-risk populations.

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