Randy Horn, N1SP

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Being stuck to a pencil and an 18 wpm plateau for many years, I am very happy that I checked into the CWA Advanced course! I am very grateful to my advisors, G0HKC and G0JPS for dealing with such a motley group! I also thank my classmates, W4MUB and ZL2GVA, as well as all those who nominated and sponsored me.

I became interested in amateur radio while attending a Boy Scout Jamboree in the late 1960’s. My father picked up an Army surplus receiver that we both enjoyed for years. It wasn’t until 1982 that my wife, Mary, and I stumbled upon a ham club operating Field Day at a local park in Missouri. We both accepted the club’s invitation to enroll in their Novice class, and later both passed our exams at the same VE session.

My first transceiver was a HW-99 that I built well but needed help with alignment and that first white knuckle QSO that we’ve all had. I will never forget all the folks who helped Elmer us along during that time.

In 1986 I passed my extra class exam in Kansas City and was given the call WT0A. After my career took us east to Bennington, Vermont, I opted to change my call to a “1” area call sign.

I enjoy operating mostly CW, chatting with folks, experimenting with wire antennas, some QRP and portable operating, light contesting, and most of all helping new and older hams as needed.

My professional career was in the printing industry, along with a sideline cabinet making business for many years. Besides enjoying my family, other hobbies are fly fishing and fly tying, RC model airplane building and flying, early American history, and furniture making.

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