Peter Alterman , W2CDO

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ex-WV2ONO, ex-WB0GEX. I’ve been continuously licensed since 1960. My OM was licensed as 2CDO in 1923 running 19 watts spark, relicensed as W2CDO in 1961. I took his callsign in 2001. I always have been primarily a CW contester and DXer, though I also enjoy RTTY contests. I’ll also get on SSB for contests from time to time.

My current operating station is an Elecraft K3s and an Alpha 9500. Antennas include a rooftop tower with Hexbeam for 20/17/15/12/10/(6) @ 35 ft, a Buckmaster 9 band OCF dipole @ ~ 60 ft for 160/80/40/(6), a 40 m half square and a Butternut HF-9V for 40 & 30. Future projects include getting on 2 & 432 using Yagis languishing in the back yard.

I retired in 2012 from a senior position in the CIO’s office of the National Institutes of Health and retired again in 2018 from an executive position at a pharmaceutical industry cybersecurity collaborative. An erstwhile academic, I’ve returned to writing novels and short stories. Check out my website to see what I’m up to these days.

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