Pat Parmentier , ON7PQ

CWops# 2365, from Kortrijk , West Vlaanderen , Belgium.---->View on Google maps

Thanks for being a member of CWops and especially thanks to my sponsors.

It all started in 1978 when I was taught electronics at school by Raymond ON4VW. He gave me the ham virus and I never lost it again. But I am still grateful to him for it.

My first transceiver was an FT-101E and some wire antennas. I soon discovered that I could do nicer DX in CW than in SSB. My mic soon disappeared into my bottom drawer of my desk.

In the “dead moments” where there were no DXpeditions, I enjoyed making long chat QSO’s in CW. It is a hobby within the hobby. I also love a CW QSO with a bit of old charm, that is why I am also a member of the SKCC.

After years of DXing, the “dead moments” get bigger and bigger (I only need P5) so I do more and more chat QSO’s. I also enjoy going on IOTA expeditions and participating in field days, contests and so on.

I am also a big fan of the low bands. Since I have no place at home to install Beverage antennas, I have built up a remote RX station. So you see, there is always something to do in our beautiful ham hobby.

I look forward to working with CWops members and sponsoring nominees in our great club.

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