Osvaldo Soler, KP3N

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I got interested in radios since I was a little kid. My parents had CB radios installed on their cars and we spent every morning talking over the radio while commuting to work/school. Time went by and those radios were gone.

Fast forward to 2014, I was working in a small hotel in Old San Juan, and we had some communications challenges between the different departments. I suggested to get radios and a repeater to help with the challenges we were having. My boss told me, you just inherited a project and asked me to get all the information. While doing my research for radios and repeaters I stumbled upon the ARRL website and the nostalgia of having radios when we were kids made me start studying for my tech license. In June 2014 I got my Technician license. My first call sign was WP4PBR and then changed to KP4OSP. I started attending club gathering and seeing the cool stuff other hams were doing and got hooked with ham radio. I decided to go for my General license and shortly after that went for the Extra. Back then I was mostly doing SSB and digital modes (PSK, RTTY, SSTV). In August 2021 I changed my callsign to KP3N. Most of the time I am doing POTA, SOTA or US Island activations, contesting and truly enjoy building kits.

All my life I have worked in the hospitality business, working in hotels. When the pandemic started our industry came to a standstill since no one was traveling and there was so little information on what was going on that all travels were suspended. All the sudden I had a lot of time in my hands. In May 2020 I started my CW journey using the Gordon West audios and an android app. Then complemented those with G4FON and the Morserino. During my learning process I have been very fortunate to have good CW guidance from Dani WP4F, Nomar NP4H, Carlos NP4AW and many others. They have taken from their time to help me hone my skills as a CW operator.

Many thanks to Eric NP3A, Jose KP3W, Dani WP4F and Nomar NP4H for their sponsorship. Thank you to all the members of CWops welcoming me, I am honored to be part of the CWops family.

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