Nils Grohmann, DO6AN

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Morse code has fascinated me since being an SWL in my childhood days in the late 80’s, and it was in fact the main motive for getting licensed as a radio amateur in October, 2019 – I wanted to become a CW operator.

Since passing my exam, I almost exclusively operate CW on HF running QRP / low power. I started out with a QRP Labs QCX monoband transceiver for 80 m (output: 4 Watts) in my first year but meanwhile use a Xiegu G90 (output max. 20 Watts). In fact, I have only had four none-CW QSOs so far. As my novice class license does not cover 40, 30 and 20 m, you will find me mostly on 15, 10 and 80 m.

I enjoy ragchewing as much as contesting. Being a self-learner in CW, I am currently comfortable at a speed of 25-30 WPM (> 30 WPM in contests) but trying to improve constantly. Besides operating as a ham, I am interested in the history of radiotelegraphy and especially the history of 500 kHz. I am very happy to be able to contribute to the preservation of the fine art of CW and am very honored to have been invited to join CWops. Very much looking forward to seeing you on the bands!

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