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would like to start by thanking my CWA Level 3 advisor, and CWOps membership nominator Joe Spencer, KK5NA, and my CWA Level 2 advisor Andy Barkley, WB7DKZ. After accomplishing these two courses, I have nearly tripled my speed on CW. I very much enjoyed the CWA and the dedication the advisors have to making each student better at CW and general radio operations.

I first became a Ham in 1996 at age 14 with my No-Code Tech, KC5WMM, after my introduction into radio communications through Civil Air Patrol. I attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s in Science in Aerospace Engineering. I commissioned into the United States Air Force and attended pilot training, where I currently fly HH-60G’s for Combat Search and Rescue. I fell out of the hobby for many years until 2017 where I upgraded to General and Extra. Immediately following my Extra exam, I started to learn CW. After about two weeks of practicing on my own, I started to get on the air and making my first QSO’s on CW. I have always appreciated the CW community with their patience and willingness to help provide feedback for improvement (normally through follow up emails). After about a year of being on the air with CW, I received an email from KC4D, Bill Perkins, in April of 2018, who told me about CWA, which I promptly signed up for Level 2. Since then I have not plugged my microphone into my radio and enjoy only CW with a very occasional FT8 (when bands are quite).

My primary rig is a KX3/PX3/KXPA100 attached to a Cushcraft R9 Vert and G5RV. My other rigs include a TS-850S, TS-530S, HW-100, HW-7, HW-9, and a Ten-Tec Century 21. As you can tell, I enjoy old rigs and getting them back on the air. I have recently been trying out SOTA operations and also enjoy QRP ops with a Buddipole or Elecraft AX1.

My other hobbies include ultramarathon running (normally 100 and 50 mile distances), flying, motorcycle riding, and Triathlon/Ironman distance races.

It has been great getting to know the CWOps members I have had the pleasure to QSO with in the past and am very excited to meet more members on the air!

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