Mike Luedemann , DL2OE

CWops# 2735, from Fuerstenwalde , Brandenburg , Germany.---->View on Google maps

I was born in April 1953 in the eastern part of Berlin. I am married and have two children and 3 grandchildren.

My first CW signals I listen when I was 4 and a half year old in October 1957. My father DM2BCO (last call DL8WPM sk) listen to the signals from the Russian Sputnik 1 satellite with his homemade ham radio receiver on abt. 20 Mc. It was a slow „dit dit dit….“ serie. No more, but very interesting for me. I was also interested on all electric and electronic things. I hunting old defective radios for repair and obtaining spare parts.

With an age of ten I was a member of the clubstation DM3OE nearby my home. My father was the chief of the station and every Tuesday at 6pm the Morse training began. So I received my first SWL licence DM4741/E in 1967 and the DM3YOE call in 1970. We only worked in CW and a bit in AM with only 20 Watts. Since this time I‘m a CW fan. Over the years I changed the callsigns for higher classes to Y35YE, Y25OE and after the reunification of Eastern- and Western Germany I came over DL2BWW to my, I hope last, actually call DL2OE.

I‘m an retired electronic engineer. In my East German career I was a service engineer for radio equipment from a factory for comercial short wave receivers and transmitters. In this time I had to work all over the world to repair such equipment. Mostly in Africa and Central America. I was 3 years with my family in Nicaragua and was very activ as YN3EO (1986 to 1988). After 1989 in the new united Germany nobody needs the East German electronic and I must searching for a new job. Since 1991 I worked in a firma for medical X-Ray equipment and from 1997 in my own company also in medical X-ray until 2018. In December 2018 I go into retirement.

My interest in ham radio are DX, IOTA hunting, mostly CW but also SSB and RTTY, DXpeditioning, contesting, electronic and computer technique and homebrew equipment.

I have the mixed DXCC honor roll #1 and need only P5 for honor roll #1 in CW.

Also WAZ 160m in CW with all 40 zones and the WAE Trophy are on my shack wall and with today I have 3014 Challenge points in LoTW.

I am member of DARC, ARRL, BCC, TBDXC, RRC and hold also the extra class US call AI6CF (tnx to my host Mike, WA6O CWops #46).

In the present time my rig consist of ICOM IC7610, IC705, Expert 1K3FA and also very old Russian surplus amps. The antennas are dipole for the lower bands and an Optibeam OB16-5 for the higher frequencies.

Thank you Axel DL6KVA for nominate me for CWops and each of my sponsors, I look forward to working you soon with my brand new CWops #2735.

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