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Thank you very much to all of my sponsors who made my membership at CWops possible.

I was born in 1961 and grew up in Langnau in the Emmental. I attended school for 9 years. After school I did a 3-year-old apprenticeship as a butcher. Since 9 years old I have played ice hockey as a goalie for 35 years and was also a goalie trainer. I have two children, Svenja born 2002 and a son Sergio born 2006. I got married in May 2003 and have been divorced since 2010. I have had a life partner for 8 years. I was in the Swiss Army as a Mortar Tank Commander for many years. I got into amateur radio in 1981 when I was visiting the Verkehrshaus Luzern with two friends. There is the club station HB9O and there I saw how telegraphy is made. That fascinated me very much and I started to learn telegraphy without a school or a teacher.

In 1983 I started studying CW. I taught myself CW with a Junker Key and a Telereader decoder. In 1984 I received my SWL call HE9XMB and work many on the shortwave as listener in CW. I heard a lot on amateur radio in CW and learned to listen better as a training. In 1987 I started to study radio operators for the technology test at Swisscom in the evening school. In 1988 I passed the exam and got the Call HB9TGE CEPT Class 2. In 1989 I took the telegraphy exam and got the Call HB9DQJ. I had great pleasure and am very active in 99% telegraphy and a bit of SSB via the Es-Hail QO-100 satellite. I love contest and DX Hunting, but my favorite thing is to do beautiful rag chew QSO with handkey, bug and Sideswiper.

I like to work on different contests and have great fun. Most of the time I work in the contests and award hunting in QRP or low power max 100 watts. My absolute highlight was the little Lighthouse Expedition in East Friesland in 2003, where I activated the very well-known Ligthhouse Pilsum. This was a very nice experience which I was allowed to experience. On 12.21.2019 I became active on the Es-Hail QO-100 satellite. Dak of a very good friend Fiorello HB9DWK this station became reality and I am very active on this satellite and have worked 48 DXCC countries in CW. For me it is a very personal and very nice feeling to be active via QO-100. You can see more information and pictures of the QO-100 station on QRZ.COM on my Website.


I have worked on the following diplomas over the years:

DXCC CW # 9481



WAZ CW All Zones # 512

WAC All Continents

WAE # 4354

H26 CW # 009


HTC AAward # 002

Divers Contests Awards and many Others.

Club Memberships:

SDXF Swiss DX Foundation, USKA Union of Swiss Shortwave Amateurs, SKCC # 2722, Marconi Club # 663, HSC # 1876, ITC Italian Telegraphy Club # 013, Swiss AMSAT, FISTS # 20608 and new CWOPs # 2747

My Goals for the future are as follows. I am very passionate about telegraphers and I work hard to promote CW and to keep CW alive for the future. I want to show myself with my activities as a telegraph operator on the shortwave. I am terminally ill and therefore I have a lot of time to show myself to these CW activities and also to promote CW as a Morse teacher. CW is not dead, long live telegraphy. I thank you for your interest and I wish all hams in this world good health, all the best and good brass-pounding all time.

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