Marc Missalla , DO4DXA

CWops# 1851, from Germering , Bavaria , Germany.---->View on Google maps

Age 42, married, 2 Kids. Profession: managing director of a mechanical engineering company.

Member of ARRL, BCC, BARC “Belize Amateur Radio Club”, DARC, A-1 Operator Club & now proud to be a part of the CWops. Have been QRV from: 9A, HB0, HB9, LX, OE, OZ, PA, SP, V3 & V5.

Amateur Radio License and Call Signs

1995 – first license V31LD
2006 – DL license DO4DXA
2006 – training call sign DN7DX
2009 – OZ license OZ1MDX & OU4U
2011 – changed V3 call to V31MA
2013 – received the contest call V3A
2014 – 9A license , call sign 9A8MA

My Station in DL is located near Munich. Current setup:

Kenwood TS-590SG + SDRPlay and TS-480SAT
2x Red Pitaya
Microham MKII & SignaLink
8el. 10/15M Dual-Band Yagi
Multi Band vertical 20-10M
Kelemen DP-8040201510H
Inverted L for 160/80M
Rx Loop
2x BenQ GL2460HM 24″ TFT
Shack PCs are two Intel NUC with 8 & 16GB RAM, 128GB M.2 SSD running WIN7
CW Skimmer using Red Pitaya #DO4DXA
The skimmer is running 24/7 from 160-10m incl. WARC Bands and 60m.

Frequent OP at DL1A which is just 300m from my DL QTH.

The V3 station is located up north in the Corozal district (EK58UL) right by the sea with a great take off. This station is used by me and Gerd V31YN/DJ4KW.

V3 Antennas on a 120 feet tower:
160M: 36 m vertical with 3 elevated radials 50 m each at 3m height.
80M: half wavelength wire to tower top, end fed from ground.
60M: Bazooka fed @ 24 m
40M: three quarter wavelength wire @27 m end fed from ground.
30M: three quarter wavelength wire @18 m end fed from ground.
20M-15M-10M Dipole @20 m
17M-12M Dipole @15 m

My main interest is contesting & DXing, especially on the low bands in CW, SSB & RTTY, but you could also hear me using PSK31, 63, 125 & JT modes. Of course I always keep a ear out on 6 & 10M. The CWTs on Wednesday is now marked in my calendar and I’m looking forward to meet many CWops on the bands.
Special thanks to AA3B, MD0CCE, OK2PAY, PA3DBS & W7SW for their support.

This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.

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