Les Tocko , VA7OM

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First of all, I would like to thank Keith VE7KW for nominating me for CWops membership.

I was born in Slovakia, part of the former Czechoslovakia. In the early sixties I built a small BFO and stuck it to my dad’s radio so I could listen to CW on short waves. In 1966 I joined the local club OK3KAG and in 1969 I got my own call OK3ZAX. Then in 1981 I, my wife and our 2 kids moved to Canada because we were fed up with the Communist domination. We lived a few years in Winnipeg, MB (VE4AMW), then in Edmonton, AB (VE6AWA) and finally in British Columbia just east of Vancouver (VA7OM).

In retirement since 2013, I now have more time for my hobbies: DXing, contesting, building ham stuff and foxhunting. Some of my ham projects are a 250 watt solid state HF amplifier, full power tube HF linear, high power triplexer, duplexer and band pass filters for Surrey radio club and foxhunting receivers and transmitters for local clubs.

My setup is currently as follows: K3, home built kilowatt amplifier, Optibeam 40-20-15-10m beam on 80 ft Trylon tower.

I am honored to join such a highly esteemed group of CW operators and I look forward to working you soon.

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