Ken Opskar , LA7GIA

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I live in Oslo, the capital of Norway, with my wife Julie, 3 children, Elecraft K3, a tribander beam and a considerable amount of wires.

I was first licensed as LA7GIA in 1992 during my University studies as Electrical Power Engineer. I quite early got the passion for DXing – working the weak stations far away was really exciting and that is what brought me into this hobby, as well as trying to learn CW. I have passion for DXing in general, both chasing DX and organizing my own solo DXpeditions. Currently I have worked 307 mixed on DXCC, but one day I hope to reach HR – not sure what to do after that. I like all bands from 160-6 meter.

Organizing my own DX trips has been a very pleasant side of this hobby, bringing me to other parts of the world, experiencing new countries, new cultures – meeting new people and making friendship. So far I have organized 6 solo trips to Africa, mostly working CW and using simple antennas. I’m also an avid contester, running about 25-40 contests every year – though I only participate for fun, and never full time. It has to fit other obligations as well. In total about 35-40.000 QSOs every year – I guess about 95% CW which is my favourite mode. I also like homebrewing, mostly antenna related work – but as well other projects for the shack.

Beside DXing and using the Bencher, I do some training. I used to play tennis, and was ranked 250 in Norway some years ago. I also spent time riding my veteran 1953 motorbike – but I realized it was too dangerous, and veteran bikes require a lot of maintenance as well. Nowadays, I try to keep up with running, to compensate for the many hours in the shack. You have to stay fit and have stamina for long duration of contests and DXing. I also enjoy walking tours – Norway is a beautiful and peaceful country if you like to go hiking in the mountains, or in the forest outside Oslo. Privately, I run my own consultant business and am a CEO/MSc Electrical Power Engineer, specializing in High Voltage substation construction projects worldwide. I am currently an Engineering Manager for a high voltage substation project.

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