Justin Ogle, N9TTK

CWops# 3150, from Indianapolis , IN , USA.---->View on Google maps

Thank you W9RE for the nomination, I’m happy to be a part of CWops.

I was licensed in May 2020 as KD9PLD and last month I became N9TTK. I learned CW with a lot of help from my Elmer, Steve, KB9RPG. I spent many hours listening to G4FON Morse trainer while at work as well as a lot of on air practice with Steve. I enjoy DXing, contesting, and portable operations (POTA). I also enjoy talking on VHF simplex with the locals here in Indianapolis, IN. I have made many friends despite the age difference, I’m the young guy at 31 years old.

I am a member of the Hoosier DX and Contest Club, The Society of Midwest Contesters and Indy United ARC. I enjoy going to meetings and events where I can meet and learn from experienced contesters. I also enjoy watching presentations about ham radio on YouTube or live on zoom. I look forward to attending Dayton Hamvention this year where I’ll be attending Contest University.

I was invited to operate M/2 at W9VW for the ARRL International CW contest this year, I learned a lot and had a great time. I have ambitions of multi-op contesting and going on DXpeditions in the future.

I owe much of my interest in ham radio to my father, KD9PIT/SK (4/1/2022). Dad was licensed years ago and let it go while I was growing up. One night while talking on the phone we sparked each other’s interest to get licensed, a month or so later we both tested and passed. He really enjoyed ham radio and always mentioned how proud he was that I learned code. I’m grateful that we were able to share the ham radio hobby together.

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