Juerg Solenthaler , HB9DQL

CWops# 2582, from Wald , AR , Switzerland.---->View on Google maps

It’s a great honor for me to be a new CWops member.

First of all, I would like to thank Fred HB9DAX for my nomination and also James N3JT, Rudy NF9V and Nick HB9DDZ for the sponsorship.

I have been fascinated by radio communications since I was a child. My first contact with ham radio was in 1982, when I was 14 years old. I was an active shortwave listener with my FRG-7 receiver. I started to learn CW for the military entrance examination in a preparatory course. In 1988, I absolved the military school and increased my CW speed up to 30wpm.

After my graduation as an electrician, I decided to study electrical engineering and didn’t have enough time left for ham radio. I worked many years as an R&D engineer for lightning EMP and NEMP protectors. In 2000 I got the license after years of continuing my professional education and starting a family with five wonderful children. Since 12 years I am working for an electricity company as a member of the executive board.

Most of the time I am active on CW, like so much to work big pileups in contests as single operator and enjoy also working DX. But time to time slow down and do some ragchewing. My station is located in Wald (935m above sea level), a small village in the north-eastern part of Switzerland. My current equipment includes an ICOM IC-7851 and an automatic power amplifier OM 2000A+ from OM-Power. I love the Paddles from my friend Piero Begali and my favorite one is the Sculpture key. My antennas are a HEX-Beam HX-5Bi for 10 to 20m on a telescopic mast and a 2x34m inverted V center fed dipole for 30-160m using SAMS antenna matching system. In wintertime, I am using a receiving antenna 200ft reverse beverage on ground (BOG).

My other hobbies beside ham radio are playing Schwyzerörgeli, a diatonic button accordion used in Swiss folk music, silvesterchlausen and zauren (both local traditions).

CW is my passion, and therefore I am very happy to be a member of CWops. I am looking forward to see you in contest or working on the bands.

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