John Gallucci III , WB8AKW

CWops# 2329, from Worthington , OH , USA.---->View on Google maps

I became a ham on April 1, 1968 along with my dad as WN8AKW and he as WN8AKU. This hobby brought us close together and, for over forty years, we both shared a common interest in almost every facet of what can be done as a ham. He passed in 2012 as W8JG and I miss him dearly.

My call has been seen on a variety of cars over the years. This is its current location today.

I currently use my brand new ICOM 7300 as my main rig along with the ICOM 781 and ICOM 746 inherited from my dad. The older rigs see air time every now and them and are still great on the air. Via an Ameritron RCS-8V Remote Coax Switch, all three feed into my Elecraft KAT-500 tuner and KPA-500 amplifier which feed into my Cushcraft R9 on the roof of my two story house.

73 and CU on CW mostly, SSB and occasionally FT8.

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