Joe Bratton , AA5AD

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I am a retired Firefighter/Paramedic living in the piney woods of south-central Arkansas with my XYL Sherry. We have a daughter who lives with her husband and our three grandkids a couple of hours south of us near the Louisiana border.  

I was first licensed as a Novice in the early 1980’s, but life got in the way and I didn’t do much with my ticket then. I got bit by the Ham Radio bug again in 2014 and got my Technician ticket, followed closely by General and Extra.

After about a year on the air, I really wanted to get into CW operating, so with a fellow ham and lifelong friend, Greg, K5EDM (CW Ops member #1967), I practiced until I could make an on-air QSO at a decent speed. Boy, I was hooked!

I love CW operating and have discovered a passion for Bug Keys. I have three now and really enjoy using them. I also enjoy operating portable and QRP, so you may hear me activating a park or campsite during decent weather.

The picture is of me in the radio room of the submarine USS Razorback (SS-394) on museum ships weekend in 2017. Greg and I did an all-CW shift and made many contacts–one of my favorite ham radio experiences to date.

I am really excited to be a member of CW Ops and hope to have many great contacts with you all.

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