Jim Danielson , AC9EZ

CWops# 2342, from Fort Wayne , IN , USA.---->View on Google maps

I wish to first thank Carl, K9LA for nominating me, and Bert F6KHA, Art W2NRA, and Tom K4TZ for endorsing me. Thanks guys! It’s an honor to be a member of such a terrific club for the advancement of high-speed Morse code operating.

My ham radio journey started in 2012, and I quickly upgraded to Amateur Extra in 2013. My first radio was a gift from my parents- an MFJ 9340w QRP 40m-only transceiver, paired with a dipole I put up into the trees.

In late 2014, a Yaesu FT-450D showed up just in time for Christmas, and I became very interested in DXing and contesting. Since then, I have been very active chasing DX, contesting, ragchewing on both CW and SSB, and trying out the various flavors of digital modes like PSK31, RTTY, JT65, FT8, MSK144, and a few others.

I also enjoy building my own wire antennas, trying out verticals, dipoles, doublets, end-feds, loops, Yagis, and even a Hex Beam! Currently, I am a proud member of CWops #2342, SKCC #10658T, NAQCC #6672, the Fort Wayne Radio Club (W9TE), and the ARRL.

Outside of ham radio, I’m very active playing music for my church (playing violin, piano, and pipe organ), reading about the history of space exploration and space-age technology, reading as many books as I can get my hands on (architecture, technical, adventure, etc.), photography (preferably nature or historical landmarks), and a variety of other hobbies.

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