Jay Miller , W8UA

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First off, I would like to thank Dave, K1VUT for nominating me and all of the other sponsors. I didn’t have time to notice my sponsors because it was done in several hours!

I got my technician license in December of 2018 when I was 12, and soon upgraded to General and Extra. I recently got my new call sign W8UA, about two weeks ago.

I started learning the code soon after I got my HF radio, which was about a year ago, in the middle of 2019. I didn’t use any class (unfortunately), as I didn’t know about CW Academy. I learned the way that I thought was the easiest, which is the famous chart method! It took me a long time to learn to actually hear the characters instead of visualizing them, but I am now around 30 WPM comfortable copy.

Most of my operating time is in contests, which I do almost every weekend, although I also love rag chewing on CW as well. The antenna arrangement over here is rather minimal, as I use a 40M OCF dipole in my attic, but I am still able to be lightly competitive in contests. I have lately enjoyed operating QRP in contests as well, which is a double negative with my poor antenna farm! I LOVE Sprints, which makes it awesome that I can operate in CWTs. My scores may not look very good compared to AA3B, but I have a bunch of fun, as I aim for 60 Q’s per session, which I usually am able to do.

If you hear me on the air around 7.025 – 7.030 around 30 wpm, please give me a call. I love rag chewing in the evenings throughout the week. Thanks again to all of the different CWops members for making the organization so great, and thank you so much for letting me join.

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