Jakub “Kuba” Ruciecki, SP5NZF

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It is great to be here!

My ham adventure started ca. 1977 in Belgrade where I became member of YU1AHI club, got licensed and started CW/SSB operation. After moving to Warsaw in late 80s I found SP5KVP club and got my current SP5NZF call. I got MsC in software engineering and went QRT again – this time for 30 years. In 2021 I spotted an article on SDR thinking initially it was sort of SDN, SDI, IaaC… Soon I learned more about it, bought SDR radio (20vW Xiegu G90), reactivated my license and found yet another great club: SP5POT. In a year I had WAC and 100 DXCC on the wall (20 W SSB/CW). I operate 20 W CW or SSB only into excellent GP7dx by SP7GXP for 40 m+, home-brew EFHW for 80/40 or recently home-brew FCP shortened vertical for top band.

Ham radio was to me always about meeting friends – both those great supportive and inclusive people in the clubs I’ve been fortunate to find and on the bands. In the 80s the charm of ham radio for me was being able to talk to OPs far away and practicing foreign languages daily. In the internet era I do more and more CW, home-brew hardware and software for my shack, participate in contests only to chase new countries and recently trying QRP POTA.

Talking about copying CW a friend suggested learning head copy with CWA and Buzz. So, I did. I want to thank Buzz AC6AC for not only teaching us head-copy in CWA classes, but most importantly, inspiring CWA students to organize self-running groups building CW proficiency and friendship that extends well beyond CW. Many thanks to all the co-advisors, CWA Students and Buzz’s Advanced II students with whom I improve my CW and have great time. Thanks to CWT participants – both those that did slow down to greet CWA student and to those that did not slow down.

Believe it or not, there are other hobbies aside radio shack too – family, job, photography, traveling, kitesurfing, snowboarding, squash to name a few.

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