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First, I would like to say a big “thank you” to Bob I2WIJ for nominating me, and also to those who sponsored my membership. I am indeed proud to be new CWops member 2896.

I have been a radio ham since 1988 age 26, when I got my VHF and up licence G7APP in February and passed my 12 wpm CW test to get G0KRL in the November of that year. I then spent my first year predominantly operating CW. In 1990 I was one of the GB2CW operators for the RSGB, sending slow Morse transmissions to help beginners prepare for their 12 wpm test and I’m proud to say I helped a number of friends from my then local club to gain their full licence.

I was very active on the bands up until 2001 when I moved home and changed job which gave me little time or space for radio. However, since taking early retirement in 2015 at the age of 53 from the National Health Service where I was a Transport Co-ordinator for the Blood Service, and relocating to the island of Anglesey in North Wales with my XYL, I have once again become active on the radio waves.

One of the reasons for moving was to have some land and we are now in the lucky position of having 3 acres of “garden” to play antennas in. Unfortunately, the downside of this is I seem to spend more time on the lawn tractor than I do in the shack! My other hobby is my motorcycles which currently are a Harley Davidson FXR and a Triumph Trident these also vie for my attention hi!

Most of my operating is split equally between CW and RTTY using my Yaesu FT1000D and Elecraft K3, I do have a Yaesu FL7000 amplifier but have not used it since moving here as the “GW” prefix seems to be worth at least 3db. Currently the antenna farm is mostly wire dipoles and verticals. But my son has just bought me a 40ft mast and I am in the process of putting up a 3 element Yagi so hopefully folks will hear me a bit better when the sunspots return. I rarely operate more than 100 W and quite often QRP. I usually save GW0KRL for general working, GW7APP for QRPing and MW9W is my special contest call.

I discovered CWops when I saw Stew GW0ETF mention about them on my local radio clubs Facebook page and I was intrigued. So, after looking at the website and reading some newsletters I thought I’d start playing in the CWTs and what fun it’s been so far, but now I’m really looking forward to giving out my new members number rather than just “GW”.

I am not a great ragchewer on any mode but I’m hoping to improve my skills and maybe get a few more QTX in my log.

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