Henry Stagnaro , K1WNO

I introduce myself as Enrico Stagnaro with the calls IK1WNO and K1WNO and I live in Italy and precisely in the beautiful city of Genoa. I am married and have a son and two splendid dogs Argo and Ross.

First of all, I wanted to thank those who gave me the opportunity to be part of this wonderful partnership, especially those who sponsored me.

I studied at a college for maritime activities. I worked as a technical engineer for naval systems for important civil and military shipbuilding companies. I am now retired so I can devote more time to the radio.

Ever since I was a little boy, I saw my dad who went out of his way to build instruments and radio equipment, he attended the famous Electra radio course, but he never thought of becoming a radio amateur. One day I started building with the help of my dad my first receiver was about 11 years old. Well, since then it has been an escalation, initially as SWL until in 1993 I took my general license. I immediately fell in love with the A1A transmission.

Since then until today (and I hope for a long time) always active in the air transmitting in CW. I like long QSOs and also contests. when the propagation does not allow me to make long distance connections. I spend the hours with the headphones on my head listening to the frequency for hours and in the meantime, I read some books of ancient Egypt or classical history, waiting for the propagation to open!!

Other hobbies I like diving, fishing, and hunting, shooting and hiking with my wife. I hope to hear you on the radio as soon as possible and best regards to you and all your loved ones