Henk Plantje, PC4H

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As a child I became interested in radio when I was 9 years old.

It started with a CB handheld HT which was illegal in that period, and later radio transmissions on the 3 meter FM in stereo. At that time I was a boy scout and my leader was working at the agency to locate Illegal radio stations. He heard me and gave me a warning. He introduced me in the early 70s to a ham with an impressive Heathkit line.

I became interested right away, and with his help started to build my own Heathkit HR10b receiver. I was very active as SWL with that receiver and was highly ranked in the Dutch SWL competition. I was also very interested in radio technics and at age 16 I passed for the C license radio amateur exam.

When I became 18 I got my first 2 meter Yaesu radio. I still was interested in HF operation so I decided to learn Morse code for the A (full) license exam at 12 wpm. In 1990 I became the A license and call PA3FMC. I got more interested in contests so had to improve my CW further.

I did some more practice and decided to participate in CW contests. During weekdays I discovered the CWops activity which I really like. You will hear me in many contests and I am also still a member of scouting and active during Jamboree on the Air.

The last 5 years also active from LX9S during Jamboree on the Air. There I like to introduce Morse code to the scouts and do workshops with it.

I am very happy to be part of the CWops community and hope to work you soon.

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