Helen J Meier, KF7QNS

CWops# 2958, from Bonners Ferry , ID , USA.---->View on Google maps

It is an honor to be a member of CWops after having completed Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classes with very good advisors. Thank you!

A special thank you goes to the person who nominated me for membership, N7MU (Jim #2243) and my sponsors W2NRA (Art #1955), KA7MDM (Greg #2598), K7QA (Tom #1959) and WJ7S (John #1582).

Getting my Ham license in 2011, it was never my intention to pursue CW until friends suggested we study Morse code! That was the beginning of a wonderful journey learning CW, becoming a Net Control on two CW nets and a SSB net!

A special thanks to ham mentors for CW and traffic nets – W7GB (Don #1186), W7XT (Dick #2004) Also, special gratitude for my CW growth goes to AE7PG (Al) who for 9 years has helped so many of us become proficient CW operators!

My husband, WB7RBH (Mike) who has been my strength and support and station engineer, has been a ham since the mid 1970s and suggested I become a ham in 1995 when we were planning our 7-10 year sailing cruise adventure. Becoming a ham did not work out until we moved to Bonners Ferry, Idaho in 2009. We had lived aboard our sailboat for 15 years and looking back it would have been a great experience to have been a maritime net control!

Having good equipment is always a plus – my ICOM 7300, Ameritron ALS 600, 160 m dipole antenna at 90 ft, a TenTec Model 238B Tuner, and the ultimate…a Begali Sculpture key!!

Looking forward to many adventures with CWops. Thank you!

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