Gunter Elster , DJ8GE

CWops# 2546, from Guenzburg , Bavaria , Germany.---->View on Google maps

It’s an honor for me to be new CWops member #2165

First of all, I would like to thank Bud – AA3B for my nomination and my sponsors Jean-Marc- F5SGI, Stew-GW0ETF / GW4J, Fanis-SV2BBK.

I get the first contact to ham radio in 1960, as I was 13 years old.

As a very active SWL and electronics hobbyist I decide to study electronics. It’s getting my profession, and I worked many years as R&D manager and had not more enough time for ham radio.

Before I got 60years old, I restart the hobby and got licensed as DJ8GE. After retired, I was very active on the bands in SSB. But I learned soon that ham radio without CW is only the half way. So, I started with 67 years to learn CW, every day I spend hours with my paddle, the computer, listen to the bands and installed Morse courses on my IPhone.

The next goal was to reach the High Speed requirements. Now CW is my favorite, and so I’m very happy to be a member of the CWops.

My current equipment includes an ICOM IC7300, and a Solid State PA from RF Power. The Paddles: Begali Magnetic Classic and a Solid State Model from 9A5N. The antennas: Mosley TA33JR-WARC and a Doublet 2x15m.

My other hobbies outside of ham radio are tennis, windsurfing and cycling.

Hope to see you on air in CW!

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