Gray Cowan, VE5GC

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I am honored to become a member of CWops and thanks to Todd VE5MX for nominating me and to W1VE, VE4EA, and N3JT for their support.

A bit about myself. First licensed in 1978 as an amateur with the call VE5ABV. Upgraded to advanced in 1980. Got a chance to change my call to VE5GC a few years later and was happy to get it as it not only is my initials but is much easier for contesting with the two letter call. CW has always been my favorite mode. Haven’t gotten into the digital modes as of yet.

Rig at the present is a FT 1200 and never owned a amp and most likely never will. Antennas are wire for the lower bands and a tri band Yagi for 10, 15, and 20. Use to use a quad but it bit the dust in an ice storm and then went to the Yagi. I’ve been a Saskatchewan grain and cattle farmer all my life, still live on the farm with XYL and our border collie Tao. Still actively engaged in the farming operation with our oldest son Tim. We have two other boys who went a different direction in life other than the farm. Youngest Jeff is an audio video tec and the middle a police officer and now deputy chief in a small city in SK.

I was always interested In radio and for a long time thought about working for my ticket for long time. We needed ten words a minute for the amateur and 15 wpm for the advanced when I was licensed. I’ve been trying to get my fingers and brain on the same wave length for contesting with the computer but it’s been a struggle, I sometimes think the old pen and paper method for me is the best, hi hi. I always believed CW should be a requirement and likely always will but I guess that could be up for debate. Hope to see you all on the bands.

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