Glen Sansoucie, W1ND

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I would like to thank Tom, W0FN for nominating me and Bert (F6HKA), Jim (N7US), Vin (W1VKE), Doug (KR2Q), and George (NE5A) for sponsoring me.

I was first licensed in 2000 and quickly progressed through the ranks to Extra. To get my General at the time, I had to pass the 5 WPM test. While I learned CW, I didn’t stick with it. Over the years, I tried to come back to CW three times. The third time stuck in late 2017. I bought a KX2 without a mic to force me to stick with it.

My first “complete” CW QSO was 3 April 2018 with Mark, NV9J. I was hooked.

I attended the CW Academy Level 2 class in January of 2019 with Ted (WA3AER) as my instructor. The class helped advance my skills, head copy made a big difference.

In December of 2019, I started my CW QSO A Day (QAD) project, something I’ve not stopped. It began as an activity to keep me sane while recovering from a foot surgery and led to a habit.

This year, 2022, I modified my QAD to a QRP CW QSO A Day and conditions have been very good. I’ve made a surprising number of QRPp contacts, to include many DX.

I enjoy working Picnic Table Portable, Summits On The Air (SOTA), or Parks On The Air (POTA) are my two favorite field activities. Having the ability to carry a small HF station up a mountain or into a park in my backpack and then working folks all over makes it fun and enjoyable.

My wife and I have been married now for 29 years, we have three children, all moved out and on their own.

I have many hobbies, my wife likes to say I turn them over every 3 years. While this was true in the past when the kids were little and free time was scarce, I’ve combined them in recent years. Hiking, bicycling, photography, kayaking, camping, RC planes, motorcycles and woodworking. The latter two have been placed on indefinite hold as we sold our house last fall and are seriously downsizing to prepare us for our next adventure.

My wife and I share a love of the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, and camping. We have owned many RVs over the past 28 years. Our first was purchased with our honeymoon funds. It’s been our dream, became a goal, and is now a plan to go Full-time RV in 2023. We will hit the road in the spring of 2023 and travel North America. From that point on, I will be working a lot of picnic tables.

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