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Former Radio operator in the French Army and STI (Signal Service of the Ministry of the Interior – Prefectures), I have throughout my professional career exercised this fine profession in military and civilian transmission centers. The traffic was first operational then civil and military in the fixed stations.

I cannot describe in the detailed menu the missions in which I participated it would be too long. In all cases the Morse telegraphy was the main tool for traffic transmissions (civil or military). Whether in reception (in listening and control centers) or in high traffic control stations, Morse was our only language. Very little voice, but already teleprinter station to station and then network later (1958).

Retired from the Communications Services of the Ministry of the Interior in 1997 (60 years old) and contaminated by this virus, at 70 years old I passed the radio amateur exam at FRANCE TELECOM (Agence Nationale des Fréquences- ANFR) in 2008- Certificate license N ° 32147 – Class 1. Today, at 83 years old, some deficiencies due to my advanced age prevent me from maintaining yesterday’s performances (notably vision…), but what to do… “we cannot to be and to have been), so goes life.

I am happy to meet radio colleagues with whom I hope I could still practice this marvelous profession which has been my livelihood for so many years, a profession which I love and which has given me so much satisfaction. .

With all my friendship.

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