Dennis Tiu, KN6IPE

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I became a ham last year out of sheer boredom thanks to COVID-19. Field Day 2020 was disappointing with only 2 m and 70 cm bands to play with. I needed to get into HF and I noticed I could play on 40 m and 20 m using CW. Our Club Elmer, Brian K0DTJ, suggested that, to learn properly, I should enroll in CWA. So, I did.

Beginner Class under Ken WF6F got me hooked on CW. I also got my General license during the class (Ken can be persuasive). I skipped Basic and went straight to Intermediate class under Buz AC6AC. Buz (along with Rich N4DPM, Les NI1L, Karen AC4CC, Tamara VA7ETR, Gurbux W6BUX, and Joe KH6FHI) kicked my skills up quite a few notches all the way through Advanced class. Oh, and the classmates I have met are simply the best ambassadors of humanity. I also learned more about ham radio along the way (more than I ever did watching YouTube and Googling). I find stealth antennas and QRP rigs fascinating. I hope to activate a Park or a Summit with my new friends some day. Thank you, CW Ops. Your program works!

Aside from ham radio, I enjoy motorcycling, skiing, eskrima, traveling and woodsmanship. I seek adventures and find awe in moments I have taken for granted. I was once a Software Engineer and I am still a Real Estate Broker. I’m semi-retired now because I chose my family over making more money. I also started a neighborhood CERT and I am looking into EMCOMM…oops, there I go again…babbling about ham radio.

Gotta go. I have an Op from Chile pop up on Ham Alert that I’ve been hunting for months.

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