Dennis H. Gregory, WU6X

CWops# 1632, from Auburn , CA , USA.---->View on Google maps

FIRST LICENSED: December of 1972 as WN6UPE, then General as WA6UPE, Advanced as KF6FM, and finally to Extra with FCC sequence-issued WU6X.

CURRENT STATIONS: I live in a mobilehome park with antenna restrictions. However, I was granted permission to put up an antenna after making a convincing argument for emergency communications here; I am the only ham in the park allowed to do so. Current equipment includes a Yaesu FT-1000D and a Kenwood TS-480HX which can be controlled remotely from my RV while traveling. The antenna is a 125-foot sloping, end-fed longwire from 5-feet to the top of a 60-foot pine tree, fed with an MFJ-993BRT auto-tuner. This system gets me on 160 thru 6 meters.

When parked in my RV for more than a single night, I operate an Elecraft KX3 and KXPA100 amp using a homebrew 64:1 xfmr and 40m halfwave, inverted “L” off a 30-foot push-up mast at the ladder on the back of the RV. This system gets me on bands 40 thru 10m. The other radio/antenna used when traveling is a High Sierra HS-1800 screwdriver on the Jeep tow vehicle. The Jeep radio is an ICOM IC-706 MkIIG.

OTHER HOBBIES: RC sailplanes, fly fishing for trout and lure fishing for bass, computers, RV’ing, black powder shooting, and public service event support as a member of Sierra Foothills ARC.

BIO: Vietnam veteran, active 67-68 aboard USS Hassayampa AO-145 as a Radarman, with 11 years total service in the US Navy Reserves; honorably discharged as Petty Officer 2nd Class (E-5). I’ve enjoyed varied career paths including: Mfg Eng at Atari Coin-Op Mfg, Los Gatos, CA, and then Dir of Facilities at Atari HQ in Sunnyvale; 4 years as a General Contractor building custom homes and light commercial projects; then as a TV Broadcast Sales Eng; and management positions at Grass Valley Group in Marketing, Field Services, and Training. Finally, the last eight “working years” as a Project Manager & consultant installing maintenance management systems in municipal water treatment plants for Stantec, a world-wide design/engineering company. Now “70 something”, I’m enjoying retirement and RV trips with my XYL of 50+ years (W6LPG).

ON THE AIR: I work all HF modes with CW my favorite. I’m getting into “activating” Summits on the Air (SOTA) mountain tops, with the KX3, and often operate as a “chaser”. I’m also occasionally found on FUSION; Sierra NorCal or US Southwest Lake Havasu (FCS360 or YSF73102, respectively), DSTAR (REF14c or 70c), DMR (St.Louis TG31292 or Sacramento TG311416) and the local Auburn VHF repeater with my Kenwood TH-D74A. I’m sure we have something in common and hope to chat with you soon.

Location: grid CM98lw, CQ Zone 3, ITU Zone 6

MembershipsSierra Foothills ARCCWOps #1632, SKCC #16255, Northern CA Contest Club and ARRL.

If you hear me, please break-in and say hello.

BCNU and 73, 

Dennis (aka Den or Greg)

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