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I was first licensed at age 10 in 1962 as KN1VUT (novice).  My father was getting his license at the time (K1HNP, followed by AD1Z, now SK), so he encouraged me to do so.  I upgraded to General class later that year.  My father was a builder of equipment and antennas.  Try as I might, I never caught the building bug but I sure did love operating, so it worked out well for both of us.

 My father (a club founder) and I joined the local club Massasoit Amateur Radio Assoc, and I soon met some great local cw contest operators (W1WLZ now K1DC, W1BPW now W1UU).  I fell in love with the CW SS contest, and soon others as well.  Over the years I have always preferred the CW mode, although I have done a large amount of phone contesting because I also love contests in general.

 Due to health and station issues, I took a sabbatical from HF operating for about 10 years, but started to get back into it in 2012. As my antennas have slowly improved, I have been enjoying contests again, and mostly CW at that.

 It is an honor to join this illustrious group of CW operators, many of whom I have worked many times over many years.  As long as the Lord God gives me life on earth, I hope to keep working you folks in contests.

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