Darek Zajac , SP2R

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Hello to all Colleagues. I am very glad to be a member of CWops. As I can remember, I always loved telegraphy, and that more of it came to me easily.

I began to be interested in short waves in at the age of 14 – in a technical school. I saw an advertisement for admission to the club – SP4PBV – went – signed up and became actively part of it. I learn telegraphy there. I remember perfectly – at first, I learned all the signs as dots and dashes – and at home began to practice writing texts in a notebook. Then came the QSO’s, work on increase speed – after started the CW speed competition – first in Poland – then abroad – in Germany. At the same time, fought in competitions in my club.

Then my life went along a different path. First institute in Warsaw – then finishing Moscow power Institute and work in Moscow – this is in Russia. My adventure with short waves had been stopping for a long time.

Sometime around 2012 I met in Moscow friend of my childhood – Stanislav, SP4NKJ – he told me about the new things in CW, new technologies, new transceivers, beacons and servers. Everything seemed to me like something new!

My business went very well – started to bought transceivers – first FT897, after 2 months FT450, after 2 months. FT950 and finally FT3000. It was easier with great antennas – ordering and install a mast of 30 m and a Yagi for 40-10 m. And then it started to be reality – competitions, or rather speed – it was my dream and happiness.

Now I live in Poland – I have temporary problems with antennas – but there is a plan – soon I’ll start in full.

Participate exclusively in CW LP ALL. Invite all to contact.

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