Dan C. Boren, K7NXL

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As a teenager, I somehow sweated through my 5 wpm Novice test in 1977 and was licensed as WB7NXL.  Being young and broke, I never did get on the air.  My ticket expired and my interest in ham radio lay dormant for over 40 years.

When the pandemic hit, and as retirement approached, I decided to study up and get my license back.   My closest friend from high school, Mike K7NT, was always an active CW operator, and for that and many other reasons I decided that I would only operate CW.  The tools available now are far superior to what I had in the 70s and I set out on a program of self-study to re-learn the code.  I don’t remember how I learned of the CW Academy, but in January of 2022 I landed in a beginner’s class, and by the end of that term I was on the air and making real QSOs.  I never imagined that I would get any faster than the old 13 wpm General standard, but I found that, like many other skills, it’s neither easy nor difficult, but simply a matter of putting in the effort.  Simply doing the homework and participating in the Intermediate and Advanced classes was all that was needed to enjoy success far beyond what I thought possible.

One very memorable highlight of my journey came this June, when Mike and I were invited to drive out to Montana for Field Day.  Our host was Chris KL9A, and I found myself in the company of ops who were light years ahead of me.  I wasn’t sure I’d even be permitted to touch a key, but Chris plunked me down in a chair and said “you got this.”  I ran for many hours and heard nothing but the most encouraging words the whole weekend.

I enjoy portable and QRP operating, and tinkering or experimenting in general.  When not on the radio, I can often be found out in my shop doing woodworking projects.  I especially enjoy building furniture and cabinets.  I’ve built three Dobsonian telescopes, including grinding the mirrors.  Stargazing on a clear night is a special joy. And on clear days, I still enjoy throwing a leg over the Harley and heading out on two wheels.  I’ve done quite a bit of long-distance riding, including an epic, five-week ride across North America, going east in the northern U.S and back on the Trans-Canada Highway.

I would like to publicly acknowledge and thank my CWA advisors.  In temporal order, I am forever grateful to Randy N1SP, Tom WA9CW, Steve WD4CFN, Phil NE0S, and Christine K0ALT. These people provided endless encouragement and support, and believed in me before I believed in myself.  The hobby is in good hands with these people.

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