Bruce Roberts , K6TTT

A big thanks to many people at the CWA who volunteered their time and expertise in making this such a successful experience. Special thanks to Bob Carter and Buzz Tarlow the instructors who inspired me and taught me so much.

I am a native Californian whose Great Great Grandfather settled here on Catalina Island in 1854. I graduated High School in 1969 when most 19-year-olds were being drafted to Vietnam. I was in the first group of draftees to be put into a lottery. Fortunately had high number and escaped the draft. I have always admired those who served our country with honor and personal sacrifice.

Enrolled at Citrus Community College in 1970 and completed their Precision Optical Course where I was taught to make prisms, lenses and telescope mirrors. Later in the early 80’s went to Practical Schools in Anaheim, Ca where I learn electronics and computer. Some of you may remember at Z80 and 6502 processors. Later on, I got my A+, Network+, and finally my MCSA.

Got my ham license in 1994 through no code tech program and within a year or so worked myself up to Extra. I haven’t always been active with ham radio, but always seem to return to the hobby. I wish CWA and CWops would have been available when I first got licensed. So glad I joined in on the fun and for all the kind operators and instructors who have given their time to help others.