Brian Byers, WB4IT

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I got started in ham radio at age 35. Nine years later, the only regret I have is not starting sooner. When I was licensed in 2013, I had no intentions of learning CW until I visited a friend’s shack and was blown away that he could communicate using only dits and dahs. That left an impression on me, and I decided that day it was something I must learn. I am sure that I learned everything I know the hard way, but being stubborn occasionally has benefits.

Fast forward to today — I enjoy chasing DX, contesting and QRP portable (activating SOTA/POTA sites). The weekly CWTs are one of my favorite events. Thanks to Bill (W0TG) for noticing and nominating me for membership, and to everyone who sponsored me. I have always thought highly of CWops and considered its members to be the best operators on the bands. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Other things about me: I was born in Alabama and have always lived here. I’ve been married to my wife Lacey for 10 years, and she still hangs around despite all of the noise I make in the house with radios. My career is Information Technology, and I’ve worked in various IT roles over the past 25 years. My other serious hobby is competitive shooting. I’m a master class shooter in the carry optics division of USPSA, and enjoy reloading to support the hobby. I also like any form of fishing, camping and backpacking.

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