Bill Schwartz , K3WI

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First, a big thank you to those who nominated and sponsored me K3WW, AA3B, and NW3Y.

My story begins in 1967 when my father (WA3IIX-K3JI SK) first got his license. I would follow him down to the basement where his shack was located and watch him use a straight key to make his first contacts. I was fascinated by it! My father encouraged me to learn Morse code and in a very short while, like learning a second language, it simply sunk in. The following year, I passed my novice exam and was one of the younger licensees at the time (age 9). At age 17, I passed the Extra exam and had the callsign AD3N. In 2000, I switched to the current call of K3WI. Over the past 50 years I have enjoyed this hobby above all others. There is always something new to learn and so many great people that have been Elmers to me.

Due to QTH limitations, the various stations I’ve had during the years have all been simple: rig, amp, and wires. That had a positive impact on me though as it made me develop my CW skillset to a greater degree. Whether Running or S&P, I love the challenge of going head to head with my peers and trying to improve my performance year over years. These experiences allowed me the great privilege of operating at some of the top tier contest stations including W3LPL, N3HBX, W3PP(SK), N3RS and TI5W.

Recently, I returned from living in the Washington, D.C. area to my home state of Delaware. The property that was purchased definitely has the potential to support a lot more hardware than has previously been the case. Over the years I have accumulated multiple Yagis and Monobanders, so it’s now time to raise the bar once again by taking them out of storage and putting them to use!

Finally, CW has become part of my DNA and that will never change. I look forward to working all of my fellow members, supporting CWops, and sponsoring others in the future.

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