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Bengt Frykler, but on the radio I call myself Ben for simplicity. My regular callsign is SM6OEF, but I also have a test callsign which is SC6O. I was born in 1951, and am married and we have 4 children and now 7 grandchildren. I worked as a police officer for about 40 years before I retired 9 years ago.

My interest in radio began in my early teens with CB radio, but I only became a radio amateur in 1983.

I got into CW early and have only a few SSB QSOs in my log book.

I have been chairman of the local radio club SK6EI for many years.

I have always used simple equipment, 100 watt rigs and wire antennas, but a few years ago I acquired an 8 meter mast with rotatable dipoles for the 15, 17 and 20 meter bands. My current equipment is Ftdx3000, TS590S and FT891.

In recent years the interest in contests has increased and I try to run most of the short tests that are available every week, but also the occasional 24 hour test and of course SAC and CQWW.

In addition to this, I also run portable in Flora Fauna.

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