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A big thank you to K6RB Rob and KK6M Roy for their mentorship throughout CW Academy, and to my sponsors for granting me the opportunity to join CWops! I first got licensed as a Technician back in 2007 when I heard the FCC dropped the Morse code requirement. I remember thinking that CW is too difficult, and that I would never want to learn it. I operated on the VHF/UHF bands, mostly to track high altitude balloons I built as a hobby, but I never really went beyond that.

14 years later, during the COVID lockdowns, a friend told me about SOTA. I figured it was a safe way to spend time outdoors while getting some exercise. I quickly got hooked and found myself on top of a mountain almost every weekend. After activating most of the peaks near the Los Angeles basin, I began to venture into more remote areas with little to no VHF/UHF stations around to help me activate.

Several folks in the SoCal SOTA group suggested that I upgrade my license to obtain the HF bands and encouraged me to learn CW through CW Academy. They mentioned that I could lighten my pack with small QRP rigs and that making 4 CW contacts is a breeze when you’re on a summit. I asked the group how many of them know CW and almost everyone raised their hand. That’s when I knew it was time. After learning all the characters on LCWO, I took the CWA Basic course and got hooked. As I refined my ICR skills, I began to challenge myself to headcopy faster and faster, but I never expected to take the Advanced course and make this far! Although SOTA is near and dear to my heart, I find CW contesting to be a ton of fun! I look forward to this new chapter in my amateur radio journey.

Thank you all for welcoming me to the CWops family!

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