Andy Timar , EA5KO

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I am 53, former YO9FXD. My radio nick name is Andy.

I was 8 years when late in evenings, somewhere in Transylvania, after my grandparents went to sleep, in hiding I was turning “ON” the big wooden box radio in the living room, turning up and down the large and heavy dial knob and listening enchanted to a whole world of mysterious and misunderstood sounds from short waves. I was never bored. Years later I understood there were CW and digitals.

During the high school I saw one day an ad on the front door of our school: YO9KAG, the local radio club invited all interested youth to sign up for a short CW academy with the purpose to prepare them becoming hams; I felt I cannot miss that . I learned CW in a month (very good teacher YO9DIM) and, with some difficulties, we were in communism, I get my SWL license in 1985 as YO9-8546/PH.

Next years, my life was complicated; I get married, we had soon two children -a boy and a girl – I had to confront family responsibilities, then came communism fall in 1989 followed by a deep crisis.

In 1991 I get a job in Air Forces as a radio data and CW operator until 2004; operating many kilowatts transmitters was so exciting…I loved my job and enjoyed it. In 1992 I get the ham license as YO9FXD, but I was not very active due to my job particularities.

In 2006 I emigrated to Spain with my wife and our daughter and is here where we have now the main residence. I used from time to time a portable callsign – EA5/YO9FXD – and finally in 2014 I decided to apply for an “EA” callsign, so I passed new exam, got CEPT license and EA5IIK callsign.

I like contesting even if the most of times as Check-log, trying DXing or just listening to HF bands full of CW signals with sudden propagation changes …nostalgic memories. Usually I work CW, sometimes in local contests or large international contests. I do RTTY or SSB too; other times I enjoy straight key ragchew QSOs. I dont have many resources for my hobby , my shack -situated in a little storage room on the roof of the 3 level building where I live (in center town) – is modest and consists of eBay rescued faulty gear I restored or homebrewed accessories, but I have enough and happy so. And patient, waiting for better times although the future doesn’t look very encouraging.

This year I requested a suffix upgrade to make easier my CW calling and I was lucky to receive the nice “KO” suffix so from now on I will be EA5KO.

I feel great belonging to CWops, is a quite restrictive and proud CW operator’s organization. I also feel good with my SKCC membership. Both will be a joy and delight of my modest ham activity.

Thank you Bud-AA3B for invitation (unexpected and a great surprise for me) , Bert- F6HKA for support and sponsors who trusted in me and helped. And many other ops (large list) I meet them each time I listen the bands.

Thank you all and pleased to meet you soon everywhere on the bands or outside.

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