Vic Androsov , VA2WA

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I’ve been a very active SWL since 1979 when I was a teenager. I’ve got my first HAM RADIO license in October, 1986, at the age of 22. I have enjoyed many aspects of ham radio. I did a lot of VHF in the past including MS, TROPO, ES and EME, and of course DXing but contesting has been my focus for about 20 years.

I was first introduced to amateur radio by occasionally receiving some HAM RADIO operators while testing my first home built direct conversion radio receiver. I was amazed when I heard an operator talking to someone thousands of kilometers away via two-way radio. That was at 1978 when I was in age of 14. I obtained my first SWL call in 1980 and joined a local radio club where I’ve got my first HAM Radio operating experience. I’ve learned CW by myself. The CW is my favourite mode since that time.

I’ve been in a few DX expeditions ZS1/RA3DQ, FP/VA2WA, TO2U, VE2EKA (CQ zone 2) and a member of few IOTA operations XL2I, CG2I (NA-128). I’m a member of the Contest Group du Quebec which has been founded in 2006.

Referee at WRTC 2014 and 2018.

I’m proud creator and a team member of the ham community independent Contest Online Score Board project:

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