Tony Spiegel , KC8UR

I was born on in 1952 in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was licensed and received my ticket in 1970 shortly before I graduated High School. I was looking forward to going to college at the University of Cincinnati when, surprise, I got drafted by the Army.

I completed basic training at Fort Dix New Jersey and was assigned to the Signal Corps which was located at Fort Monmouth New Jersey. After I completed Advanced Individual Training, I received my orders for Vietnam. I was assigned to work near the Cambodia Border and helped setup the MARS station as well as serving in the field as an RTO (radiotelephone officer).

My rank was Specialist 3 and when not in the field I ran telephone patches for the soldiers to call home. It was mostly a positive experience for me until a friend from Cincinnati (Charles Robert Cunningham) was killed right in front of me, under circumstances where I felt responsible for his death. I underwent counseling and electroshock therapy treatments in the early 1970’s.

When I arrived home from service, I was able to complete my education at the University of Cincinnati and received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Social Work. Completing my education was the only positive benefit from my Army experience.

In 1980, my first transceiver was a Yaesu FT-301 and I began my service in Army MARS at the same time. Serving others in the field of Social Work helped to heal my own psychological wounds and I completed over 34 years of service including 4 years of Military time.

As a public employee in the field of Social Work I worked with three very difficult populations: the developmentally disabled, juvenile delinquents and finally my favorite group, the mentally ill. I retired in 2010 and I continued to do volunteer social work for the Catholic Church after I retired. Notice I said volunteer, which means the Church did not pay me any wages. On May 14th of 2014 the Knights of Columbus selected me to be honored for my service as a social worker and my short time as a Vietnam Veteran. Their recognition included a trip to Lourdes, France at no expense to me, where I will celebrate my 68th birthday.

It has been an eventful life and I am proud to serve others.

I have one daughter Jessica Marie Myser who married in 2004 and has two sons for me to spoil. I am thankful for my spouse of 40 years, Joan, whom I think deserves a medal for putting up with me and I am thankful for my daughter for providing me two grandsons.

The highlight of my ham radio career occurred in May 1988 and May 1989. I had the pleasure and honor of operating from Fort Detrick Maryland near Baltimore during the weekend of Armed Forces Day.