Richard Hayter, N4HAY

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Thank you to my sponsors W0UO, N3JT, AA3B and W6SX for inviting me to CWops. I am really looking forward to participating and contributing towards the promotion and preservation of our beloved CW.

I was raised on a farm in rural Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in Southern Africa. We had no TV then and I was fascinated by radio from a very early age, spending countless hours listening to shortwave and trying to resolve CW with a homebrew BFO. CW has been a part of my life forever.

I have held the following calls over the years: Z21BK, G4ZYK, KG4CRU, ZS6RSH, N4HAY and I operate 90% CW, enjoying rag chewing, contesting, and DX, using paddles, straight key, bug, keyboard, and software.

For many years I have operated QRP but recently acquired a bigger rig and have been enjoying some contest work including CWTs. My typical small urban backyard allows me to deploy a trap inverted vee for the low HF bands and a fan dipole for the higher HF bands. I am just amazed at how much enjoyment there is with such a humble antenna farm.

Club memberships include SKCC, GQRP, NAQCC, BUG, ARCI and KNIGHTLITESS.

In addition to CW, I enjoy homebrewing, simple QRP rigs including a SDR and old rig restoration. I keep a Heathkit DX60 and Drake 2B operational.

Now retired after a career in international telecommunications, my lovely wife and I and our little dog live in the Raleigh NC area. We have two wonderful kids who are both married.

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