Quentin Caudron, K7DRQ

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I’m relatively new to amateur radio, first getting licensed in 2017. I upgraded to Extra in the next year and have been an active member of the local VHF community since the beginning. I started learning CW in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, mostly as a means of improving my QSO rate with a pretty compromised antenna situation. In August 2020, I joined the Long Island CW Club knowing just my alphabet; I am now an instructor for the LICW, focusing mostly on head-copy and head-sending. It brings me a lot of joy to teach and learn alongside these wonderful operators and a club with such a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

I was born in France and have lived in six different countries in Europe and North America. I went to university in the UK, where I eventually got my PhD in computational neuroscience, and then moved to the USA to work as a postdoctoral researcher in statistical epidemiology at Princeton. I later moved to the west coast where I fell in love with both the Pacific Northwest, and my wife-to-be, Hannah K2SQD.

Outside of the shack, I love to cook and bake bread — I draw from my French heritage but mix in a ton of other, delicious cultures! I also love building things, be it software, antennas, or structures and improvements for the garden. I currently work in agriculture-tech, and hope to help make the Earth a greener, healthier place, both locally in my little garden, and at scale.

I am very grateful to those who have supported me, pushed me, and challenged me along the way, and helped me grow into the operator I am today.

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