Paul Hamilton, KE7UAE

CWops# 3515, from Tualatin , OR , USA.---->View on Google maps

My radio adventure started as an RF test engineer for McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis , MO. I looked after radio test benches for all the aircraft radios .

I earned Technician, General and Extra licenses during an RF design class at Portland State

University under my first Elmer, Rick Campbell KK7B. He did not administer the tests, only motivated me. I was privileged to also be Elmered by Wes Hayward, W7ZOI.

My RF journey has included testing for Motorola, cell phone manufacturers and signal integrity on computer motherboards for Intel.

Now I am retired and can focus on ham radio, my XYL, physical fitness and the grandkids. Here is the prettiest young CW operator of my acquaintance, her name is Lily and she is my granddaughter, learning her paddle skills. My shirt was a coincidence, but I greatly admire what Maxwell, Faraday, Ampere and Gauss did to bring us into the radio age.

I am so delighted to be invited to join CWops and thankful for all my Elmers , fellow students at CWA and LICW, and my sponsors in CWops membership.

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