Norm Goodkin , K6YXH

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Ham since 1957, when I “texted” my school buddies on 40 m CW, going near 20 wpm with a hand key while eating a snack, talking on the phone, and doing homework.

Active in the local ham radio community, I’ve been holding quarterly Tech classes for over 10 years. I participate in emcomm with several local groups, including LA County DCS and the Topanga Disaster Radio Team.

I’m a member of the Canejo Valley Amateur Radio Club, a group that promotes CW. You can usually find me listening to one of the repeaters in the PAPA System, one of the largest repeater groups in in the world, covering all of Southern California.

My wife, Naomi WB6OHW, has been a ham our whole married life! We have 3 kids, all hams, and six grandchildren, all hams except for the twin 4 year olds, and they’ll be licensed soon! All-in-all, nearly 40 family members licensed.

Naomi and I also support the Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group VEC – she’s in charge of materials and I maintain the website.

My main reason for increasing my CW speed is to do a better job on Field Day!

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