Matt Avecedo Von Frey , CE2LR

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This started when I was 14, when I belonged to firefighters. Because of personal circumstances I resigned, staying with the VHF equipment. And one day I asked ham that programmed the radios if I could do the handy, and he told me that the radio club (CE2RCF) was doing an exhibition. There I learned about the topic of the radio hobby.

I signed up for my radio license, getting my first CD4862 license.

After participating a year in the radio club, I retired. I started to know the World of the DX and contests and I moved to a house in which I had a tower with 5 elements for 28Mhz and 2 elements for 7Mhz at 12 meters of height.

After that we installed a 20-meter-high tower in which we put the 5 elements of 28Mhz and in the tower of 12-meter height we left 4 elements for 14Mhz and 6 elements for 21Mhz. (First installations). After obtaining my current license CE2MVF, Roberto CE3CT me invites to his station, which I listened only in contests. I went to visit Roberto where I met a perfect contest station, giant antennas, last generation equipment, and he invites me to a meeting.

ARRL 10m, and from there I did not leave world of the contests. Meanwhile I was talking about the CW mode which I did not understand. I saw Pedro CE3FZ doing CW in the same contest, and that caused me to learn CW. I started to practice with Dale VE7SV guiding me, and in 2015 I could receive in CW mode and from that moment I continue practicing CW, to improve day by day.

I went to Damas Island to a DXpedition, XR2T, very good experience.

After all that I put up 3 20-meter towers at home with mono bands antennas (antennas made at home) and now enjoying very good friends of the hobby.

Now I work at a company of my grandfather, a poultry, in which I perform in the administrative and commercial part.

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