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I live in Odessa, Texas, about halfway between El Paso and Fort Worth on I-20. I have lived in Odessa for 48 years and worked in the Oil Industry since 1973. I have a son in Portland, Oregon (US Navy retired), and two daughters, both of Odessa, 4 grandsons, and 2 granddaughters. Oldest grandson is with the Odessa Fire Dept. My wife, Tamera and I have been married for 20 years. I retired from an independent oil company, Endeavor Energy Resources, in the gas measurement dept. in April 2021.

In 1980 I went to work for Kerr McGee Corp. Oil & Gas Div. where I met Joe Melton KB5MM. Listening to Joe, I became very interested in ham radio, so in the fall of 1982, I attended Novice classes that were under the direction of Joe, a couple of other Hams, and “Tune In The World With Ham Radio”. Joe was an excellent Elmer. I passed the Novice exam and 5 wpm, and got my license KA5PVS in January 1983. I had already bought a MFJ-422-X keyer and Bencher BY-1 paddles combination set, and had been practicing sending CW when I got my first radio, a Kenwood TS-530S. I built some half wave inverted vees and don’t remember when my first contact was, but it was on 40 meters with a Louisiana station. How thrilling! As I made more and more contacts, I set my sights on WAS with a CW endorsement which I got in 1986. I got first place in North Texas in the 1984 Novice Roundup. I upgraded to General in 1986 and changed my call to N5JAU. In 1990 I upgraded to Advanced and got KI5ER. In 1995 I upgraded to Extra (w/20 wpm), but kept KI5ER (didn’t want a 2×2 “A” call). In 1996 I had my Vanity Application filled out, (with only 3 choices) waiting for the day to mail it in. In November I got my new license in the mail box with N5MI on it!

I have dabbled in SSTV, Feld Hell, and a few other digital modes including one RTTY DX QSO with VP6D Ducie Island in 2018. After being away from ham radio for 15 years (2000 – 2015), I bought a new Yaesu FTDX-1200 and became interested in FT8, which was very addicting to me and received WAS FT8 and FT4, and later DXCC Digital. I am presently at 254 Mixed, 217 Digital, 133 CW, and 38 SSB.

In 2008 I took some instructions from a friend who is a member of the “Knife Makers Guild”. Since then I have made 140 fixed blade knives. In my photo I am holding a 12 inch “Bowie” knife that I made. The handle is “Hippo” ivory given to me from another local ham.

Many thanks to Hank W6SX for his nomination, and to the 12 others who sponsored me.

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