Maria Polyanska, VE3OMV

CWops# 3059, from Oakville , ON , Canada.---->View on Google maps

I am very proud to be a new member of the CWops club.

I’d like to thank Buzz AC6AC for nominating me as well as Rich N4DPM, Bruce K1BG, Tamara VA7ETR and Jim WT8P for sponsoring me. I would also like to thank my beginner instructor Bruce K1BG and my Basic and Advanced instructor Buzz AC6AC for helping me in my CW journey.

I started out without a license. I signed up for CW Academy beginners class for an introduction to CW and Ham Radio. I remember not being able to distinguish “A” from “N“ at 10 wpm. Now my instructors have helped me so much that I can easily operate at 25+ wpm. I went through Bruce K1BG’s beginners class putting in much effort. Bruce taught me the fundamentals and was incredibly patient and supportive. Not only did he help me to copy and receive CW at 20 wpm, but Bruce encouraged me to get on the air for the first time using CW (operating under my father’s callsign and my father being the control operator). I participated in many SST contests and went on to my first CWT.

Going into the Basic class, I had another amazing instructor – Buzz AC6AC. He helped me further increase my CW proficiency and most importantly boosted my confidence in class and on air. Making this much progress, I was able to skip the intermediate and go directly to advanced class with Buzz again.

In September 2021, I passed the Canadian Basic exam with honours, becoming VE3OMV.

Currently, I am a grade 6 student. I enjoy studying history, technology and especially mathematics. I am also a member of my local speed skating club.

By joining CWops, I expect to meet new people and improve my CW skills.

Hope to see you on air.

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