Krzysztof Pachla, SQ8LUV

CWops# 3193, from Poczta Niemce , Lubelskie , Poland.---->View on Google maps

Hello dear friends, My name is Chris (Krzysztof Pachla full name in Polish) and I’m really honored to be a member of the CWops Club.

I was born in 1966 and since 2004 I am a licensed ham. I was already interested in telegraphy in primary school and my first SWL was at the age of 12, but at the time I only knew telegraphy visually trying to count the dots and dashes which was not a good idea.

When I moved to the countryside with my family I decided to develop my interest in amateur radio and to learn telegraphy. My daughter Magdalena – ex SQ8MEG also knows CW (she got her license at the age of 13).

Privately I have also a lovely wife and a few wonderful pets…

As a musician I was lucky to travel a bit and to work on cruise ships for some time so I could experience that the earth is really round. 😉

So far, I have 250 entities confirmed, mostly using wire antennas and 100 w. Now I got 300 watts tube PA and install a cubical quad antenna (7/14/21 MHz). My main rig is Ic-745 but sometimes I work on my home brew radios as well.

I love QRQ, chatting on CW, DXing, homemade constructions and contests for sometimes (but rarely for scores). And it’s my real pleasure if I can help somebody to learn telegraphy.

I recognise CWops as a club doing really great job, thank you for being a part of it and see you on the bands!

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